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Inez White - Indigenuity

Video Tutorial + Worksheet: Ground Rent for Occupation Orders and License to Occupy

Video Tutorial + Worksheet: Ground Rent for Occupation Orders and License to Occupy

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Be empowered and learn Inez's (Māori Valuer) consultation process to estimate the ground rent for whenua māori. This is great for land owners to for Occupation Orders and License to Occupy on papakāinga.

You will get:

  • A digital recording of our online event
  • A cloud based spreadsheet with calculations built in to help you estimate your rental like a pro 

You will be shown a rational process of working out how much to charge/pay for the land rent when building a house on collectively owned land. Learning how to do this yourself means you possibly save thousands of $ when perhaps you may not need someone to work it out for you. 

(If in the end you need assistance from a valuer, myself and other valuers may look at a fee STARTING at around $2500 plus GST to provide a valuation.)

This digital service is good for you if:

  • you are preparing to build or live on whenua Māori with an Occupation Order or License To Occupy
  • You are the landowners or the tenants
  • You don't know how to set the rental for the land (this is not for the house)

By purchasing this you can be prepared and you can:

  • Pay less for your fees, because the valuer does less admin work
  • Have time to book ahead and so share the expenses of the travel costs involved with getting a valuer to site
  • Avoid getting in to conflict. Work out any possible issues with how to set the ground rent before you start to build


  • Inez will go over the above points
  • Give you tasks that you can do to work out the ground rent amongst yourselves
  • This could save you money if you don't need to get a valuer to do it, and then possibly save you legal fees as well. Because conflict is the fastest way to spend lots of money on valuers and lawyers
  • This IS NOT the legal advice. 

Why Koha? Koha does not mean 'free' as such, but rather reciprocity. I believe that I don't have to charge a high commercial fee to thrive. Instead I provide advice to help whānau Māori to thrive on their whenua and they/you reciprocate this intention back to me for my whānau and business.

There is a $0 koha option, so that if you need it, financial limitations do not block you from an opportunity to connect to your whenua. Just reach out on my homepage via the Chat Box and I'll arrange it for you.

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