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Inez White - Indigenuity

Five Figure Zero Balance Webinar

Five Figure Zero Balance Webinar

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Reset Your Money Thermostat. Learn new behaviours and change deeply-held beliefs about money to create stability and less stress. Discover this roadmap that will help you to follow Inez' method of increasing the amount of money in your bank account, then learning how to stop throwing it away.

The Five Figure Zero Balance, is learning from Inez' roadmap to saying 'No' well before the account hits $0. This webinar will help you to:

  • Learn how to uncouple your emotions from money; money is a tool not a person
  • Unpack your inherited money beliefs and give them back to whoever gave them to you
  • Protecting yourself and growing your confidence while you change your beliefs and have more money in your life
  • Encourage you to connect to some common income stream opportunities, that are often overlooked
  • E-commerce skills and managing sales pipelines with technology
  • Learn from Shopify ambassador and Pipeline Pro Certified Partner!

It's a simple formula:

= Money In + Stop Money from leaking out!

Then, once you're there in the new relationship, you need tactics to stay there. Your loved ones and friends may not want to stay there with you. How can this work?

It's a journey that starts with the webinar. 


  1. The webinar will be livestreamed while Inez is in Miami, Floriday, USA
  2. The livestream will start at 11am NZ time.
  3. There will be breaks throughout the six hours
  4. There will be some pre-recorded content. This allows for pre-homework to be done. 
  5. We reserve the right to limit the number of tickets and to reject some applications. This offer is available to clients enrolled on Reset Your Money Thermostat programme.
  6. You will receive a PDF document with summaries and important links to videos to support your journey
  7. There are aspects of the livestream that will only be available live and not recorded. These are exclusive details too valuable to share outside of the paying customers.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Karen B

Loved how this was broken into 3 sessions.
It gave space to think about and absorb what was being said, and it also gave time for the individual to be honest with themselves.
Sharing her personal experiences, made the difference and put what was said into context.
Having access to the links provided has meant that I have been able to work through at my own pace.
Very interesting, I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a whole person experience and who is open to digging deep. Well presented.
Nei ra te mihi.

Rowena Kapa
Stop the unconscious sabotaging for your future wealth

Thank you Inez for your wisdom and knowledge about the physical sensations, emotions, feelings, patterns that we go through when unpacking the history of trauma, habits, beliefs we somehow take on during life and create unknown emotional blocks, habits that sabotage our future without us consciously being aware of. Conscious evolution education. Time to wake up.