Is bad credit holding you back?

Bad credit is probably up there with diabetes in statistically making us sick...

So often I see people giving up because of an overdue Debit Success payment for that gym membership they never used. Or that time that vodafone sent your bill to the wrong address, then put a default against your name. Then, you paid the bill as soon as you found out about - but they didn't tell you that you could remove the bad mark against your name did they. 

Instead you probably dropped your head and accepted that you would also have bad credit.

At least 6 times this year, I have either coached others or I had bad credit marks removed from credit reports including my own. Credit needs to be given here, that it was an AMAZING mortgage broker who told me how it was done. Her name is Tahei Simpson (check her out). Since learning from her, I've used the techniques over and over again.

Tahei is still available to do the especially hard situations - a master of Credit I call her. If you think you are in the impossible category, I encourage you to contact Tahei; for a fee she could set you on a financial freedom pathway, as well as a Home Loan!

For the rest of you (the majority) you need to understand how to at least cover the basics of Credit Rehabilitation. Most of it is DIY. It is empowering to know that your credit score is yours. Protect it, improve it.

This blog series is dedicated to Credit Rehabilitation. 

Mauri Ora

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