Fines and Credit Scores don’t go together

Credit  Scores

It may sound simple to some of you, but many people will avoid checking their credit scores because they believe they have bad credit.

After a bit of investigation, I find that they have good credit, they just have lots of fines with the Ministry of Justice.

Fines and Credit Scores don’t go together

And it is totally fine if you ever got this mixed up. In fact it has taken me my whole adult life to learn these things by trial and error.

You see money you owe the State, the Government, the PoPo, the Council are not always debts. If they end up with the Ministry of Justice they are FINES. Fines are ‘punishments’ the the Government make you pay/owe.

Money you owe to another person, business, company (Creditors) goes on to your credit report. It doesn’t mean you have done something illegal. But if you don’t pay them, your Creditors need a way to report you to the world.

Your credit score says whether you are trustworthy and pay your bills on time and at all. You can get a bad credit rating from constantly being late to pay your monthly bills, or on time but not completely repaying the debt (Default)


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But oh boy, I have seen soooo many who are aching to help families to get ahead. Agents, lawyers, bankers, brokers, builders would show up after hours to share their knowledge with whānau.

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